Ultrasounds in Gurgaon

Obstetric ultrasound

Basic obstetric ultrasound employs sound waves to form images of a pregnant woman’s ovaries, uterus, and the baby (fetus or embryo) within her womb. It does not involve ionizing radiation, leads to no side effects, and is the preferred procedure to monitor expectant mothers and their unborn babies.

An obstetric and gynecological ultrasound needs no special preparation. As only the lower abdomen is exposed during the examination, wear a two-piece, loose-fitting outfit without any jewelry. 

Ultrasound scanners comprise an attached transducer, a computer console, and a screen to display the video. The transducer is tiny hand-held equipment (looking like a microphone). Some examinations may employ various transducers with varying capabilities during a single procedure. The transducer emits high-frequency, inaudible sound waves into your body and picks up the returning echoes. It works just like sonar used by submarines and boats.

The obstetric ultrasound technician applies some gel on the site to be examined and fixes the transducer there. The gel lets sound waves move back and forth between the concerned area and the transducer. The ultrasound image is instantly seen on the video display screen (resembling a computer monitor). The computer produces the image as per the frequency (pitch), amplitude (loudness), and time needed for the ultrasound signal to bounce back to the transducer. It also checks for the kind of body tissue and/or structure allowing the sound to pass through.

What is obstetrical ultrasound imaging?

Ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology is painless and safe. It uses sound waves to produce images of the inside of the body. Ultrasound imaging is often referred to as sonography or ultrasound scanning. It employs a transducer and gel put directly on your skin. High-frequency sound waves pass via the gel into your body from the probe. The sounds that reflect back are collected by the probe and used by a computer to produce an image. Unlike X-rays, ultrasound examinations don’t employ radiation. Since images are taken in real-time, they can display the movement and structure of the internal organs and the blood flow through blood vessels. 

Ultrasound imaging includes a non-invasive test to help the doctor diagnose and treat medical problems. 

Obstetrical ultrasound shows images of a fetus or embryo within a woman’s womb, and her ovaries and uterus. 

An obstetrical ultrasound exam may also include a Doppler ultrasound study. Doppler ultrasound employs a unique ultrasound method to determine the movement of materials in your body. It helps the physician view and determine blood flow through veins and arteries in the body. 


An obstetrical ultrasound requires the examiner to check blood flow in your umbilical cord or sometimes, assess the flow in your placenta or fetus.

What are the benefits of ultrasound?

  • Ultrasound scanning is usually non-invasive. Hence, no use of injections or needles is involved. 

  • An ultrasound examination may rarely cause temporary discomfort but it generally does not produce pain if you receive the procedure from the trained professionals. 
  • Ultrasound is less costly, easy to use, and widely available than most other imaging techniques.

  • Ultrasound imaging does not involve radiation and, hence, is highly safe.

  • Ultrasound scanning provides a distinct picture of soft tissues that cannot be displayed in X-ray images.

  • Ultrasound is the preferred imaging technique to diagnose and monitor expectant mothers and their unborn babies. 

  • First-trimester obstetric ultrasound has been employed for the evaluation of pregnancy for almost 400 years and there have been no signs of harm to the fetus, embryo, or patient. However, the procedure must be carried out only when medically recommended. After that, you can visit the best doctor for normal delivery in gurgaon

  • Ultrasound lets the physician see inside your uterus. It gives much information regarding the pregnancy. 

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