PCOS Treatment in Gurgaon

About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

A.)Yes, you may say genetics has a role in it and is a familial condition. This syndrome was more or less like a mystery and lots of studies have been done in fact are still going on it but – let me explain in a very simple way, so our viewers can understand it better. What is insulin resistance? It is a metabolic state characterized by a decrease in cellular ability to respond to insulin signaling. I will now make it simpler. Mulberrry Women Care Best Gynaecologist In Gurgaon For PCOS

Ir is one of the root physiological imbalances in most, if not all PCOS. This is where your pancreas needs to pump out more and more insulin in response to high blood sugar levels. Ab insulin Karta kya hai? What does it do is it lowers the blood sugar by storing the glucose in cells. The cells become resistant to constant insulin and they need more, unhe zyada chahiye to be signaled to lower the blood sugar. When this goes for a while, you have high insulin and high blood sugar

Ab, insulin is fat-storage hormone, concentrating fat in the belly region.high insulin Phir kya karti hai, it tells ovaries to make more te4stosterone. This is why certain women have excess androgens like facial hair growth, the hair on the belly, acne, thinning of hair, and all. You can get the best doctor for PCOS in Gurgaon at Mulberry Women Care.

B)TESTS: there is no single test that, by itself shows weather you have PCOS. PCOS affects fertility, weight, skin. So after examining physically and taking history we check blood pressure and BMI.a pelvic examination is done.

Coming to blood tests:

1. FSH- it affects your ability to get pregnant. This usually is low, very few times can be normal with PCOS
2. LH it encourages ovulation. It could be higher than normal
3.TESTOSTERONE-and DHEAS sex hormone and it would be high in PCOS.
4.ESRTOGENS: it is a group of hormones that allows women to get their period. it gets usually high
5. SHBG- sex hormone-binding globulin- may be lower than normal.
6. for hyperandrogenism-androstenedione which is raised. IR-raised, should also get fasting and pp. and of course lipid profile lastly nowadays we also ask patients to get S.AMH (SEVERITY) . after these one should of course head for an ultrasound lower abd or better and possible tvs- usually helpful in obese patients- ovarian volume will be raised around or more than 10. Peripherally arranged cysts more than 12 in each ovary.

4.pcos can originate in puberty. Our clinical observation teaches that PCOS develops during adolescence. Excessive hair growth usually originates from before the onset of the cycles. At times menarche as in the time for cycles to start can be delayed. But irregular cycles alone cannot indicate PCOS.

Cycles can be irregular during firt few gynecological years. Yes anemia can also vbe one of the reasons among many. At puberty, there is increased LH which leas to an increase in insulin and that increases the androgen production.

Yes, after puberty the insulin progressively declines in most of the patients, resulting in normalization. Few PCOS cases will still persist after puberty. as far as testa are concerned, We’ve explained previously all the blood investigations and ultrasound examinations. But the thing to be noted here is, during adolescence she can have skin troubles, hirsutism ie hair growth acne or thinning of hair, and also acanthosis nigricans ie blackening or pigmentation at back of the neck might be present with irregular periods. The management then depends on the presenting problems. Mulberrry Women Care Best Gynaecologist In Gurgaon For PCOS.

But it is important to visit a gynae in her clinic to exactly know the reason behind the irregular cycles.

5. Slow Metab hence obesity central obesity matlab fat around the belly area is a characteristic feature os these diseases and all the disorders and the symptoms are exacerbated in presence of obesity.

It isn’t slow metab it actually because of altered levels of some hormone, women with PCOS are likely to produce excess insulin and have greater ir. Ir makes it harder for the body to use energy and causes high blood sugars. Apart from this, it increases androgens too

For this, the first and I would call it a big step is the reduction of weight. Because the treatment is targeted to correct the biochemical abnormalities.bmi should be maintained at 25 or less it improves menstrual disorder, infertility and hyperandrogenemia hirsutism, and acne. Exercises are found beneficial. Mulberrry Women Care Best Gynaecologist In Gurgaon For PCOS.

It is actually a collective approach and also its management depends on other symptoms and complaints.

We do give metformin which is an insulin-sensitizing agent.

Of course, hair skin, and every other thing is also taken into account.